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A powerful and full-featured video converter with support for HD video formats
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Videos in HD formats are gaining more and more popularity every day. For this reason, a video converter supporting both HD and SD video formats is of great necessity now. Luckily, mediAvatar HD Video Converter perfectly fits this need. This powerful tool supports converting between HD video formats, between SD video formats, and from HD to SD formats and vice versa.

MediAvatar HD Video Converter is much more than a HD video converter, as it offers many additional complementary functions. For example, you can use the tool to extract the audio from your video files (even from HD ones), to trim and/or split them, and to take snapshots of them, which you can do using the built-in media player. Moreover, the program supports batch conversion, so that you can convert multiple video files in a single operation. Besides, the program also offers an extra type of batch conversion – it allows you to add multiple output profiles to each source file.

This video converter supports a number of output formats, though finding the right one is not too difficult as they are all grouped into categories. Besides supporting HD video formats and both general video and general audio codecs, the program also includes many presets for all kinds of portable devices. These include iPod, iPhone, iPad, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, BlackBerry phones, and others. However, you can always tweak all the output parameters of the selected format and save those settings as a custom profile.

But there are even more functions that this powerful video converter provides. For example, if disk space is a restriction for you, you can use the program's bit rate calculator to know the right video bit rate for a specific maximum output file size. The program can also rip the tracks from an audio CD and save its audio files locally. Finally, the program was designed to take full advantage of your hardware’s capabilities. Thus, you can configure the number of cores to use for video conversion if you happen to have a multi-core CPU. You can also enable or disable GPU acceleration on Nvidia or AMD video cards. To top it all off, you can set the program to convert your videos in the background, so that other tasks do not suffer from such a time- and resource-consuming task as HD video conversion.

In conclusion, mediAvatar HD Video Converter is a powerful and full-featured HD video converter which will surely satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding users. However, the amount of functions and features offered may turn the program intimidating, especially for newbies.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows converting videos from HD to SD formats and vice versa
  • Can extract the audio from any video file
  • Allows you to trim and/or split your video files
  • Supports batch conversion
  • Allows you to take snapshots of your videos
  • Converts each source file into multiple output formats
  • Includes a bit rate calculator
  • Capable of ripping your audio CDs
  • Takes full advantage of your hardware's capabilities


  • The amount of functions and features that the program includes may turn it intimidating for newbie users
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